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Friday, 12.11.04

Siemens launches wireless USB Skype phone adapter

Siemens announced a number of USB-compatible handsets that work with VoIP software from Skype. Users simply plug a wireless USB adapter into a
notebook or PC running an updated version of Skype and make phone calls using the VoIP service. Calls to other Skype users are free, while calls to
traditional landlines are made using Skype's prepaid long-distance service, SkypeOut. The Skype-ready Siemens wireless Gigaset M34 USB PC adapter
works with the following Siemens cordless phones: Gigaset C340/345 and Gigaset CX340/345isdn, Gigaset S440/445, and Gigaset SX440/445isdn, Gigaset
S645m, and Gigaset SL440. These handsets are also capable of sending MMS messages and sending and receiving instant messages. The two companies first
announced their partnership at CeBIT in March.

For more on the Siemens, Skype cordless phone deal:
- go to this article [,9i5t,8mg,8q06,8knc,30z0,3g9q from Digital-Lifestyles

Vodafone, Fox to offer mobile version of TV series

Twentieth Century Fox yesterday said it would create a series of one-minute dramas based on its hit show "24" for Vodafone's new 3G live! service.
Vodafone will begin offering the one-minute episodes in January in the UK, coinciding with the start of the fourth season of the show in that market.
The "mobisodes" will be launched later in 2005 in 23 more countries where Vodafone operates and in the US through Vodafone's joint venture Verizon
Wireless. The deal is part of a broader partnership between Fox and Vodafone under which Fox will develop other programming for media-ready mobile

For more on the content partnership between Fox and Vodafone:
- see this AP story []

Friday, 17.09.04

J2ME Polish

A great tool for a j2me developer: J2ME Polish

What is J2ME Polish?

J2ME Polish is suite of tools for creating "polished" J2ME applications. Each tool meets a definite need of J2ME developers:
Build-tools with an integrated device-database, a powerful GUI, a game-engine, a logging framework and a collection of utilities.

Sunday, 05.09.04


microSwing (now mSwing) is a midp2.0 user interface framework that enable developers to create sophisticated gui application for j2me midp2.0.Why mSwing?
mSwing was developed because actually j2me has a very poor support for gui developing. The main purpose of mSwing is to give the developer a javax.swing friendly environment to developers.
In mSwing you will finds MPanel, MButtons, etc. just like in swing and awt. mSwing is also customizable by using Borders, Renderers, and LookAndFeel.

mSwing is completelly written in java 2 micro edition and will work in all mobile phones with the support for midp2, although actually it as been tested only on nokia 6600.

mSwing is a very huge package for a midp2 application (about 200kB) but we see that with the new generations of mobile phones it will be enough usable.

Thursday, 26.08.04

Nokia, Vodafone push to unify mobile Java

Nokia and Vodafone have launched an initiative to simplify and help unify mobile Java standards and applications. The two companies hope to drive development of specifications for an open standards-based mobile Java services architecture. Nokia and Vodafone will try to streamline J2ME licensing with Java publisher Sun Microsystems. The initiative claims the support of carriers Orange and T-Mobile International, as well as phone makers Siemens and Sony Ericsson.

While the initiative doesn't plan to launch any new J2ME APIs (application programming interfaces), the companies hope to establish new component Java Specification Requests and clarifications for existing J2ME specifications. Nokia and Vodafone also hope to push security enhancements for mobile Java and newer systems for over-the-air (OTA) software updates.

More on the Nokia, Vodafone J2ME initiative.

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